Student workshop @ Anidan

Student workshop @ Anidan

16 December 2019

The Kullmann Foundation organised from the 9th to 13th of December an education workshop called «Dream!Act!Plan!» for over 30 children at Anidan on the island of Lamu, Kenya.

ANIDAN is a NGO which houses more than 150 children and feeds, clothes, cares for and educates over 280 with an unparalleled personal commitment that has brought happiness and hope to hundreds of children on Lamu. The Kullmann Foundation is a long-term partner of ANIDAN and has committed over EUR 90'000 over a 3-year time frame to support the final education and professional qualification of the children and young adults under ANIDAN’s present or former care before they leave the shelter or have just done so.

The workshop forms part of the Kullmann Foundation's wider commitment to ANIDAN and was attended by ANIDAN's high school graduates and those ANIDAN children who will graduate over the following years. The main purpose of the workshop was to showcase and help the participants to improve the skills that might be helpful in their future lives and careers in order to allow them to become fully self-sufficient in the future. The participants learned practical and soft skills, were trained in personal development and the importance of constant improvement and engaged in group activities, discussions, CV writing and practicing job interviews. The workshop was an encouraging experience to motivate ANIDAN's older children to become successful masters of their own fate as they are about to leave the shelter.

For the most talented and active children, the cooperation will be ongoing, accomplished with online mentorship afterward, as well as career planning upon their individual.