Children in Need 

For our childcare projects, we are looking forward to establish cooperations with NGOs and government or community institutions in the following project areas:
- India / Siliguri
- Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic
Please also feel more than welcome to contact us if you are based in the area of our projects and interested in contributing or volunteering. Kindly contact: 
Please note that our childcare programme does not otherwise accept unsolicited proposals.


Please note that our environment programme does not accept unsolicited proposals. However, if you are interested in the generation forest we suggest you to visit, a German cooperative which allows you to become an impact investor in a generation forest that protects our world's climate and biodiversity and is directly situated next to our own generation forest


Kindly note that all of our charitable projects are exclusively funded out of foundation assets and we do not accept donations. If you want to make a donation for a good cause we would recommend you to support any of the organisations presented on our Donate page.