Our pioneer generation forest: Biodiversity in the making

Our pioneer generation forest: Biodiversity in the making

19 May 2019

Every day, a hundred thousand square kilometers of tropical rainforest are destroyed. Including areas that are considered as the evergreen belt around the equator and green lung of the earth - our most important ally in the fight against global climate change.

Kapok Ltd., a social enterprise founded by Benjamin Kullmann, became a pioneer investor in Central and Latin America’s first generation forest. What makes this project unique is that we are planting a forest that lasts for generations in contrast to traditional timber plantations which get cut down after 20-25 years.

We are planting this first generation forest since 2014 together with our partner Futuro Forestal on a pilot plot of 700 hectares of land in the mountains above Colon close to the Caribbean coast of Panama.

To document the progress of returning wildlife we have installed cameras triggered by motion sensors across the plot. The beautiful picture above pictures the rare but magnificent occurrence of two endangered pumas returning to our generation forest and captures like few other moments how successfully the generation forest is in preserving not only our climate but also biodiversity for future generations.